Horse yards - Howqua Hills & Alpine National Park

Alpine National Park Camping


Horse Riding Season:
1 November - 31 May inclusive (for all areas except Lovicks Hut)
1 December - 30 April inclusive (Lovicks Hut)
Horse yards can be reserved in advance during the season. No fees apply.
Prior to booking, please read the horseriding rules and conditions which can be found below under cancellation policy.
Horse numbers are limited at designated horse camping areas as per the Greater Alpine National Park Management Plan.
Portable yards are permitted and are required to be booked.

Important: Please read the current vehicle access information for Frys Flat Horse Yards prior to booking.

Howqua Hills Historic Area is situated along the Howqua River approximately one hour drive from Mansfield. Once the site of a busy gold mining settlement in the late 1800's the area is now popular for car based camping, walking, fishing, horse riding and those wanting to explore the surrounding Alpine area.

Frys Flat and Tunnel Bend are the designated horse camping sites located on the scenic river flats at each end of Howqua Hills Historic Area and provide the opportunity for people to camp with their horses and explore the surrounding area on horseback.

For the more adventurist there are horse yards at 7 Mile Flat and Pikes Flat on the Howqua River and King Hut on the King River. These sites are situated in the Alpine National Park and provide the opportunity for horse riders looking to explore the mountains and valleys of this rugged area. Dogs are not permitted in Alpine National Park

Location & Directions

Howqua Hills Historic Area


Access points:

Alpine National Park Yards

King River Hut Horse yards
Pikes Flat Horse yards
Richies Hut Horse yards
Seven Mile Flat Camping Area Horse yards

Howqua Hills Yards

Frys Flat - Horse yards
Howqua Hills - Tunnel Bend - Horse yards

Cancellation Policy

Please remember:

• It is your responsibility to be familiar with all park regulations relevant to the area you are riding in including which walking tracks you are or are not permitted to ride on. See enclosed ‘Horseriding’ park note for this information.
• There is a horse route to and from Tunnel Bend and Sheepyard Flat that utilises the High Track please use this where possible rather than riding through camping areas. This starts at the south end of Sheepyard Flat near the toilet and above Brocks Road at Tunnel Bend.
• If camping at Frys Flat with your own yards please keep to the large open area south of the access road/hut away from the riverside campsites.
• If camping at Tunnel Bend with own yards please keep to the south side of the access road and away from the riverside campsites.
Do not cross areas easily damaged by horses such as wet areas swamps bogs creek crossings etc.
• Use weed free commercial or processed feeds only. Lucerne hay is permitted.
• Horses must be watered downstream of huts camps and day visitor areas. Buckets should be used for drinking if possible.
• Horses must not be washed in or near rivers streams aqueducts or other waterbodies. Horse camping areas are located at highly visited sites and horse owners need to be respectful of other campers downstream. Buckets must be used for washing.
• Feed type should be selected to minimise the risk of the spread of weeds such as pellets certified clean chaff and rolled or cracked clean grain. • Do not tether horses to trees or vegetation overnight.
• Dogs are not permitted within the Alpine National Park.
• No fires on Total Fire Ban days.
• Howqua Hills Historic Area and the Alpine National Park are closed on CODE RED days.
• Conserve firewood by keeping campfires small using only dead fallen timber and by using gas or fuel stoves where possible. Or bring your own firewood.
• Take ou