Summer and long weekends can be particularly busy in National Parks. With many people choosing to #optoutside and go camping for their holidays, it's important to be prepared. Check if you need to book a permit and know how to be a respectful camper for everyone's enjoyment.

Whether you're planning a week-long summer holiday or a weekend trip, these tips will help you and your fellow camp neighbours have a more enjoyable stay in the great outdoors.


Tip #1: Check to see if you need a permit and booking to camp

Check that you have your permit (if required) and print a copy before you leave home. This is especially important during summer and peak periods at campgrounds such as Tidal River and Cape Conran and printing before you leave home will often save you time at check in. This assists the Rangers in verifying your booking. Login to your account (details will be in your original booking) to update your vehicle registration number and contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a new copy of your permit.


Tip #2: Keep your equipment (including your vehicle) within the boundaries of your numbered campsite.

The Friends of the Prom volunteers work hard planting native plants around the Tidal River campground, please help them out by not putting anything on the vegetation including tying ropes around branches.


Tip #3: Keep kids and wildlife safe, drive slowly.

When driving through the campground, keep your speed to 5 km for the safety of others, especially children and wildlife. In a busy built up campground, it’s much easier to brake for the child running after their ball or a wallaby that might step out in front of you if you’re taking it nice and easy.


Tip #4: Keep noise to a minimum.

Especially after 11 pm.


Tip #5: Enjoy the facilities and keep them clean for everyone else as well.

Keep them nice and clean so that everyone has a chance to enjoy them. If you notice an issue, be sure to let a Ranger or member of staff know as soon as possible.


Tip #6: Planning a hike or a visit to the beach?

Check the conditions before you go, take plenty of water and be sure you take your rubbish home with you. Whilst most parks have a ‘leave no trace’ policy which means you need to take your rubbish out with you, there are bins are available in the Tidal River campground. Remember to separate recyclable material from rubbish and place in the appropriate bins provided. Plastic bags are not recyclable.


Tip #7: Keep your food well covered and in your vehicle, especially at night.

The wombats in Tidal River have a great sense of smell and can destroy tents that may have food in them. Wombats are nocturnal and there’s nothing worse than getting woken in the middle of the night by a hungry wombat, so remember to store all food in your vehicle at night.


For more tips, check out this video by Wombat himself.


Happy camping!